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About The Koehler Firm
The Koehler Firm was established by Steven J. Koehler, attorney at law, in October of 2001. Our office is located in Metairie, Louisiana, and the firm’s practice is concentrated in the area of successions and estate planning.  

Steven J. Koehler

I earned my Juris Doctor degree from the L. S. U. Law Center in 1980. I spent the next year as law clerk for the 14th Judicial District Court in Lake Charles, where I had an opportunity to observe many lawyers in practice. I would then talk with the judges about the trials and motions which had just been heard. This experience was invaluable, as I learned what was successful in court, what wasn't, and why.

When my clerkship ended, I moved back to Metairie, and immediately began putting my newly found insights to work. In my first three years, I mostly handled matters for a law firm which primarily did personal injury work. In 1984, I changed my focus to defending insurance companies. I found this work more fulfilling because it afforded me more time in the courtroom than any other kind of civil law practice. Over the next ten years, I handled thousands of cases, often having three or four cases set for trial in a week. I tried hundreds of cases during that time. I learned how to effectively organize my practice because it is impossible to handle that many cases without being well organized.

In 1988, I joined the firm of Leefe, Gibbs & Koehler, and my practice expanded to include representing small businesses. In 1991, I became a director of a small community bank. In October of 2001, I left the law firm to establish The Koehler Firm. I am concentrating my practice on handling successions and representing small businesses.

I feel God has blessed me by allowing me to work in a profession that I truly love, where I can help people resolve problems and still support my family. My years of experience and organizational skills allow me to deliver quality work at a cost below most other attorneys.

Steven J. Koehler
Attorney at Law

At the Koehler Firm, we feel that by limiting our practice to a narrow area of law, we have become more proficient in that area than we would have if we were handling several different types of cases. This allows us to be efficient in the way that we offer our services to clients.  

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