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Fee Schedule

Below is a list of our fees for each succession procedure.
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We will charge $450 plus $10 for each duplicate original of the affidavit over two.

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We will charge a flat fee of $1,850. You will also be responsible for paying any United States Estate (and Generation Skipping Transfer) Taxes that are due. We will pay all costs of court, including costs of recording the Judgment of Possession in the property transfer records of the clerk of court for one parish. If the decedent owned property in more than one parish, there will be a small additional cost for the recording fees for that parish, most likely in the range of $60 to $100, depending on what the clerk of court for that parish charges.

Sometimes, we can complete in one legal proceeding a simple putting in possession for a husband and wife who have both died. We refer to this as a “joint succession.” Our fee for a simple putting in possession for a joint succession is $2,600.

For an additional fee, we can have title to any immovable property examined and have a Title Insurance Policy issued. This would be done by a title transfer company. We do not guaranty title for any property included in the estate.

We will charge no more than $275/hour for time spent by an attorney, and no more than $110/hour for time spent by a paralegal to handle any succession under administration. For some tasks, the hourly fee may be less. We will ask you to advance some of these funds. If you are the succession representative, that is the executor or administrator of the succession, you should be reimbursed for those fees out of the succession property.

It will be necessary for you to qualify as the succession representative, which may entail posting security for the faithful performance of your duties. Commercial bonds are available, and the cost of that bond will be paid by the succession, or you may have someone who is a resident of Louisiana to sign as a personal surety, provided that person is qualified to so act.


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